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Trainer Firas Zahabi Will Move Yves Jabouin to Lower Weight Class

Written on May 05, 2011 by Alvin Guerro

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"The size disadvantage has caused Yves Jabouin to have difficulty in winning, so I have to move him into to his proper weight class" --- Firas Zahabi, Head Trainer for Yves Jabouin

After a three consecutive loss in the UFC, Yves Jabouin’s head trainer – Firas Zahabi – decided to move him to a lower weight class from 145 pounds. to 135 pounds. The trainer also said that he and the fighter already talked about it.

Firas Zahabi insisted that Yves Jabouin has met bigger opponents before. He believes that the fighter gave size advantage in his fight against Pablo Garza, who is much taller, bigger and heavier than him. In their previous fight, Yves Jabouin has dominated Pablo Garza in the early rounds through his speed and leg kicks. But Pablo Garza, who obviously has a height advantage over him and with his BJJ skills, was able to choke the smaller fighter during the later minutes of the fight.

Yves Jabouin has made his first MMA career in World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) that eventually put him to UFC after the two said organization merged. Will a new weight bring the striker any good?

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