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WEC 51: George Roop KOs The Korean Zombie

Written on October 01, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Not much of a fight, George Roop gave with a fair kick that ended Jung's career. It was a short fight with flaws. Not much action but full of glory.

George Roop had a vicious left kick to Chan Sung Jung’s head in the second round of WEC 51. Knocking him unconscious and ending the fight with him on the spotlight.

The Korean Zombie became known after his fight with Leonard Garcia on WEC 48. But the fight was then sloppy and full of unnatiral defenses. Now Roop showed Jung how to fight roughly.

“He’s a brawler,” Roop said afterward. “I thought my precision striking was going to win the fight.”

Roop was good, standing up with Jung in the first round, and the one-kick knockout stopped the fight. A snap in a blink. The former TUF contender got his first WEC victory.

Garcia also fought and lost last Thursday night. A Jung-Garcia rematch is set for 2011.It would be an easy promotion to fans for sure. But it wouldn’t be promoted as MMA.

Roop demonstrated Jung’s flaw very dramatically. We believed that Garcia and Jung are way to far from being stars.

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