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UFC Summons Live Streaming Websites

Written on August 04, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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After receiving the subpoenas over a week ago, complied with the demands of Zuffa LLC. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is dead serious with its fight against piracy.

Over a week ago, the parent company of Ultimate Fighting Championship announced subpoenas for the live streaming websites — and It was alleged that users were broadcasting the pay-per-view events, and demands that their IP addresses be revealed. Statement from Ustream today states that the summons came in earlier this year, and that they fully complied with the demands.

UFC accused that one user uploaded two events that drained 36,000 – 78,000 non-paying viewers, causing a significant loss of revenue to UFC and its distribution partners. Zuffa LLC, UFC’s parent company, indicates a section of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The law allows copyright owners to order service providers to disclose the identity of any subscriber engaged in infringement. Ustream looks like prepared to comply with Zuffa’s demands, but remained silent about the issue so far.

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UFC To Win the Fight Against Piracy

Written on July 29, 2010 by Clive Wilson

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UFC enters into a brand new fight, this time in a battle against pay-per-view piracy. Find out who the big guys are pitting themselves against...

“This is a fight we will not lose.”

President Dana White, full of conviction, stated in a nutshell the kind of fight the UFC has recently lodged itself into. The organization started its quest to dissolve all the pirates that had been streaming their live fights illegally by issuing subpoenas to and, in which the company claim their rights to obtaining the identities of users who uploaded their UFC content on the sites.

Despite earning from a hefty sum of more than 7 million pay-per-view subscriptions last year, the company admits losing untraceable millions from online theft. This led them to take action against the two sites, since they have tracked users that illegally stream UFC live fights from both.

The events are copyrighted and protected by the intellectual property rights law. However, on a lighter note, the organization is turning to technology in order to address the need to publish their content on a wider range of platforms. Sports promotion company Zuffa suggests licensing mobile devices and online sites for legal UFC content streaming for the company to control the outflow of their media properties.

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