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Stipe Miocic Signs a Deal with UFC

Written on June 15, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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NAAFS Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic, has signed a deal with UFC, allowing him to compete in a multi-fight match.

As stated by Stipe Miocic’s management team, the NAAFS, Ohio’s heavyweight prospect has committed himself to compete in a multi-fight deal with UFC. Stipe Miocic is known to be one of the most popular fighters of Ohio since he takes pride in having a 6-0 record — almost all of these victories are declared knockout.

The 6’4″ heavyweight champ was trained by the Strong Style Fight Team. Although this brave fighter has won several matches, Stipe Miocic still keeps his feet on the ground. He stated on the NAAFS website: “My goal has been to become a UFC champion. I am grateful to Joe Silva and Dana White for the opportunity to live my dream. I am anxious and ready to begin my UFC career and to show the UFC and fans around the world what I’m all about.”

Stipe Miocic’s recent NAAFS match was held in Cleveland, Ohio last June 4. In this game, he knocked down Bobby Brents in the second round with leg kicks. At the moment he signed for UFC, he has already been declared as the heavyweight champion of NAAFS. And now, he will proceed to the Octagon for his next match. But until now, his team is not yet announcing the exact date of his launching in UFC.

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Mitchell Debuts on UFC Via Reality Series

Written on September 05, 2010 by Zac Efren

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Mitchell is taking his UFC seriously. It is the route he had waited for so long to come.

David Mitchell is in a win-win situation because he will make his UFC debut via the “The Ultimate Fighter” TV series during the Fight Night 22 on September 15 in Austin, Texas.

Mitchell is confident it will work out how it should be. “To come in just on fighting alone, it built my name in a little more legitimate way. Just fight by fight, not by a bunch of theatrics on TV.

“I’m happy it worked out, but I would have taken the other route too. It’s a little ironic, but it worked out how it should.”

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