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UFC seeking for solutions to eliminate eye pokes

Written on October 22, 2013 by Hector

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Tim Boetsch always finds himself in the receiving end of eye pokes

UFC officials are still having a dilemma on how to eliminate or at least lessen the possibility of eye pokes during an MMA match. The organization has started to look for an alternative gloves after UFC 159 but it haven’t helped the situation until now.

In the said PPV card, the co-main event between Alan belcher and Michael Bisping was stopped in the third round when Bisping unintentionally poked the eye of Belcher which rendered him unable to continue. Bisping, who was not deducted for the foul has won the fight via technical decision.

Before that incident, Tim Boetsch suffered an eye poke that resulted in a TKO loss to Costa Philippou in the rematch of Cain and JDS last December. That fight was pretty even until Philippou inadvertently poked Boetsch in the eye in the second frame. The poke clearly affected his performance and Boetsch eventually lost the fight via TKO. He would be again in the receiving end of eye pokes in the recently held UFC 166. In that event, Boetsch was accidentally poked twice by C.B. Dalloway. Dalloway was deducted a point and Boetsch takes the W with a split decision.

Dana White admits that the promotion is having a tough time regarding the issues of accidental eye pokes. He believes that the most possible solution is to remind the fighters to keep their hands closed.

“Keep your f—ing fingers closed. The eye-poke is the most dangerous thing that happen out there. Tim Boetsch already had surgery on his [poked eye], and he pokes him twice. It’s bad. Keep your hands closed.”

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Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen to Headline UFC 159 This April

Written on January 09, 2013 by Avlya Jaie

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"UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen" is set to take place on April 27 in Newark, New Jersey

Defending light heavyweight champ, Jon Jones and contender Chael Sonnen are set to headline UFC’s upcoming pay-per-view event, UFC 159. UFC made the announcement last Tuesday evening. Talks of the upcoming bout, started this past summer, when the to fighters have reported to have met, after the cancellation of the UFC 151 event.

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