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Romero Beats Petruzelli Despite Injuries

Written on September 07, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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"I just knew something was up right at the end there when I was on top of him and all the blood started coming out of my mouth. My jaw just wasn't lining up right and I couldn't close my mouth. Not good. You worry about it for a little bit, but I just kept plugging along and I was fortunate enough to have him tap.” -- Ricardo Romero

After managing to overcome a list of injuries from his UFC debut last July, Ricardo Romero was able to beat Seth Petruzelli by arm-bar at the second round. With a 10-1 record from fighting on New Jersey’s independent scene, Romero looked “Octagon jitters” personified for the UFC 116 action. However, his honesty is something that fans would find refreshing. The energy derivative broker from Wall Street was battered by Petruzelli’s full speed attack, and was dropped to the canvass with a right hand. Fortunately for Romero, “The Silverback” seems to punch himself out also — giving him a chance to secure a submission. Still, the aftermath of the match was not pretty. Romero suffered a broken jaw, torn a pectoral muscle and sprained his knee during the fight. He couldn’t close his jaw all the way, a sharp pain shots through his chest whenever he lifts his arm and his knee is stiffened up. But despite all that, Romero’s victory over Petruzelli was named fourth best fight of the year by USA Today. And Romero got a new nickname — “Mumbles” — given by his colleagues on Wall Street.

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