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Cops are Investigating on Huerta’s case

Written on August 08, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Police investigation kick off to solve the Huerta street brawl accident.

We’ve learned that the Austin Police Department has seen the footage of the ex-Superstar Huerta has done to the man whom he had beaten on a street fight last Saturday. There is an open investigation for the matter.

There is news circulating that cops wanted an interview on all who had seen the actual street fight. They wanted several interviews including the man that Huerta had knocked out.

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Roger Huerta: Streetfighter Caught on Cam

Written on August 05, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Gossip site TMZ caught on tape former UFC star Roger Huerta involved in a brawl.

Former UFC star Roger Huerta was caught on cam on a major street fight. He knocked out a man outside a bar in Austin, Texas Saturday morning. This was reported by TMZ, which also provided a video of the incident.

Huerta, 27, knocked out the attacker after having to witness the latter beating a woman. Huerta’s companion called him out as an effort to stop the former superstar. But Huerta didn’t find time to be stopped. He launched on the attacker leaving him helpless on ground.

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