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Tim Sylvia’s Biggest Win over Paul Buentello

Written on August 17, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Tim Sylvia still on for a long journey, at least he already reaped respect from his fight with Paul Buentello.

Tim Sylvia had his most significant victory after defeating Paul Buentello during War on Mainland in Irvine, California. In the first round, there was unstoppable exchange of punches and forced Buentello to go to the corners. Buentello’s attempt to hold on to Sylvia made ref Big John McCarthy separate them for three times during the round. It was won afterwards by Sylvia.

The second round came with punches from Buentello. Being smaller than Sylvia, he had to moved to the ring to work on his strategy against the bigger man. During the first half, it actually worked, but Buentello grew tired and was trapped again by Sylvia. Giving Buentello a good right uppercut knocking him up during the last seconds.

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