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Spike to Air UFC 130 Prelims Two Interesting Fight Cards

Written on May 18, 2011 by Alvin Guerro

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Spike will not let the viewers to miss an interesting UFC 130 fight cards featuring Miguel Torres vs. Demetrious Johnson and Tim Boetsch against Kendall Grove.

Spike will broadcast two preliminary UFC 130 card featuring Miguel Torres vs. Demetrious Johnson and the bout between Kendall Grove and Tim Boetsch on May 28, at 8 pm ET.

It is a tough match between Miguel Torres and Demetrious Johnson. Johnson, 9-1, remains undefeated in his last three consecutive fights including his victory against Kid Yamamoto at UFC 126. On the other hand, Torres, 39-3, won his most recent bout against Antonio Banuelos via unanimous decision.

Meanwhile, Kendall Grove and Tim Boetsch are looking for a victory after they were both defeated in their last bout. Grove lost to Demian Maia last December while Boetsch was defeated by Phil Davis via submission at UFC 123. Tim Boetsch have 12-4 record and Kendall Grove have 12-8 (with one no contest decision) record.

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UFC 119 “Prelims” on its Peak with over 1.36 Viewers

Written on September 29, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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The success of UFC "Prelims" became unrelenting since they started airing teasers. And unlike many others, last weekend's UFC 119 Prelims made an exception. Peaking at 8th spot on Spike TV's 10 Best Watched UFC Prelims.

The ratings for last weekend’s UFC 119 “UFC Prelims” special were slightly up and on its peak with 1.36 million viewers. The Sept. 25 broadcast earned a 0.9 household rating and averaged 1.3 million viewers on Spike TV.

The fights were done by C.B. Dollaway’s submission victory over middleweight Joe Doerksen and heavyweight Matt Mitrione’s decision victory with Joey Beltran.

Spike TV’s “UFC Prelims” broadcast, which was tagged along with August’s UFC 118 in Boston, scored a low 1.1 million viewers only. Out of the 11 “UFC Prelims” that were aired since their debut in September 2009, UFC 119’s tied for sixth best viewed.

The UFC offered first a PPV teaser broadcast for UFC 103, when the UFC went big with a boxing PPV simulcast featuring Floyd Mayweather vs. Juan Manuel Marquez. The specials were proven and tested to be that effective at generating last-minute PPV sale. This made the officials from the UFC and the organization’s cable partner for a long time to make it a regular offering.

The full list of “UFC Prelims” broadcasts and ratings includes:

1. UFC 109 (February 2010): 1.7 million viewers
2. UFC 114 (May 2010): 1.6 million viewers
3. UFC 108 (January 2010): 1.5 million viewers
4. UFC 104 (October 2009): 1.4 million viewers
5. UFC 103 (September 2009): 1.4 million viewers
6. UFC 119 (September 2010): 1.3 million viewers
7. UFC 116 (July 2010): 1.3 million viewers
8. UFC 115 (June 2010): 1.3 million viewers
9. UFC 106 (November 2009): 1.3 million viewers
10. UFC 111 (March 2010): 1.2 million viewers
11. UFC 118 (August 2010): 1.1 million viewers

UFC 119’s “UFC Prelims” broadcast was the eighth out of ten for 2010.

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