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The Muscle Shark Gets a ‘Boo’ from Fans

Written on September 27, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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Sean Sherk was hit hard by Dunham and vice versa on the UFC 119. Still, it seems that the fans were not happy that the Muscle Shark took home the bacon. And Sherk was left confused.

Following his split decision victory over Evan Dunham at UFC 119, Sean Sherk was dumbfounded by some ‘boo-hoo’ that he got from the UFC audience.

“I knew the fight was close. I think I had the first round pretty decisive. The second round was close. And the third round, I would give that to Dunham. So it depends on what the judges are watching. Anytime you go to a judges decision you’re at their mercy…. We were throwing down out there — he was hitting me hard, I was hitting him hard, he was bleeding all over the place. It had to be exciting. If I was a fan I would have had a good time, so I don’t know why [the fans] are booing me. We went out there and threw down. We left our hearts out there. There was nothing left inside that Octagon.”

“The Muscle Shark” pointed out that he took the first round and split the second at the very least. Then, the undefeated Evan Dunham started to punish him at the end of the second round-up to the final. Sherk, albeit never attempted a submission, surpassed several tight attempts from the Xtreme Couture product.

Could it be possible that the blood shed from above Dunham’s right eye moved at least one jury, or did Sherk do well enough to deserve an outright victory?

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