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MMA DIET 101: Becoming Vegetarian

Written on July 10, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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How to become a vegetarian and and what does it mean to be one? Read on to find the answers.

From Olympian Carl Lewis to notable MMA fighters like Jon Fitch, Jake Shields, Nick Diaz and Mac Danzig, more and more athletes are making their vegetarian diet. However, knowing if you should take the same path as them is not the question. What’s important is knowing how vegetarian should you go. Because in one way or another, we should all become vegetarians to certain extent.

Consuming meat is not a bad thing, but eating too much of it is. You can do that by making every other meal meatless. More over, your meat meals should be of small portion, and it would be better if they are more often fish. Posted after the jump are three lists that states why should you go vegetarian, the different types of vegetarian, and how you can make your transition safe and enduring.

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