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“George St-Pierre: Rush to the Top” —The GSP Fights Special

Written on March 23, 2011 by John Paul Vill

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The fame and glory of GSP doesn't end with UFC 129 getting a special PPV treatment, because he also have the "Rush to the Top".

New Jersey’s top pay-per-view distributor, Integrated Sports Media, announced today the pending release of “George St-Pierre: Rush To The Top.” It is one-hour special which focuses on the early career of the UFC welterweight champion and crowd favorite, Georges St-Pierre.

According to ISM, the special will feature footages from all of GSP’s non-UFC fights. The special will kick off come April 1 at DirecTV and DISH Network, April 11 on Avail-TVN and April 12 on iN DEMAND. Replays run throughout April and May. The PPV costs $9.95

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