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Matt Hamill will Break Rampage Jackson’s Will at UFC 130

Written on April 04, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Matt Hamill finally got his moment to shine, as he faces Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at the upcoming UFC 130.

Finally! Matt Hamill is getting what he’s been asking for in a long while — a Top 10 opponent. After a series of changes, the UFC paired him with former light heavyweight champion — Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

“I know I’m going to break his will – I know I’m going to beat Rampage. I’ve been training real hard and my conditioning and my skills and technique, striking and kicking are a lot better.

The first time I heard, I was really excited because I wanted to face him. I think it’s my moment and time to shine, so I’m really excited to fight Rampage.”

A victory over Rampage Jackson will give Matt Hamill a great summer head start, as “Hamill” – a feature film based on his life – will open up soon.

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