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MMA Diet 101: A Fighter’s Meal and its Importance

Written on February 26, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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A good fighter needs a proper and healthy meal. So how can you grab a nutritious food? Fighting Insider got some answers.

Shakes and supplement bars are also part of a fighter’s food pyramid. In fact, grabbing a bar during training session breaks can replenish sugars, electrolytes and vitamins. More over, it can help acquire needed protein to help repair the body from the cumbersome demands of training. However, these supplemental bars and shakes are not natural foods. The smaller chemicals – like healthy bacteria – present in them are either lacking or not present in the same quantity that they would be in foods that were eaten in its unprocessed state.

Though cooking can also cause foods to become denatured, it’s not similar to heavily manufactured products like juice. More over, the fighter that is in control of the food can learn what they like, what their body responds to best, and how to quickly prepare a meal. If you’re aiming to have a healthy meal on your diet, here are some steps that you can immediately use.

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