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Comparing UFC 125 and UFC 126 to Past Holiday Bouts

Written on January 03, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Although UFC managed better than in the star crossed early months of 2010, MMA enthusiasts sees the recent UFC 125 and upcoming UFC 126 in a weak sauce. Why is that?

It is a UFC tradition that the New Year’s bout and Super Bowl card are both stacked on February. But this year, the promotion was not able to pull it all out for both events. Still, UFC was able to manage better this time compare to 2010’s early months. In the years past, UFC was able to set PPV records on New Year with bouts like Chuck Lidell vs Tito Ortiz at UFC 66, and Forrest Griffin vs Rashad Evans at UFC 92. But can fans say about UFC 125, and what lies ahead of UFC 126?

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