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Jorgensen is After the WEC Bantamweight Belt

Written on August 22, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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After Young Gun got his "Fight of the Night" win over Brad Pickett, Jorgensen is ready to take his upcoming battle to the next level. Will he really have the right ammunition to stash the belt away from Cruz?

Fresh from his “Fight of the Night” win, Scott Jorgensen is excited that he will finally have the title shot against Dominic Cruz. After having his victory over Brad Pickett at WEC 50 last August 18, ‘”Young Guns” is eyeing a match versus the reigning Division champ, Dominic Cruz, who retained his belt after outlasting Joseph Benavidez on the same event.

“I honestly think I’m a better striker than Dominick, he just moves at a great rate and creates different angles — but my wrestling is better than his. If I wanna take someone down, I will. I’ll find a way. If he wants to stop them then I’ve got other tricks in my bag. For me it would be a great fight, I feel I’m stronger than him in every area and I’ll bring that belt back.”

Can Young Gun put and end to Cruz’s reign? What’s you opinion? Tell us by leaving a comment.

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