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Chael Sonnen’s Career is Not Yet Over

Written on January 11, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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"His career is not over. It's far from over, I can promise you that. This is just going to get Chael more time to get better and when he comes back he's going to be coming back with full intention of getting that belt." --- Mike Roberts, UFC Fighter Manager

Though Chael Sonnen is in UFC hiatus, his manager, Mike Roberts, pointed out that the fighter’s career is far from over. Chael Sonnen is finishing up a steroids suspension, and awaiting another sentence for money laundering. According to Mike Roberts, Dana White’s decision to temporarily suspend the fighter’s contract was mutual. The UFC president believes that it would be best if the fighter gets his life back together before returning for a fight.

Last week, a news broke out that Chael Sonnen pleaded guilty of money laundering in relation to mortgage fraud. Now anticipating his sentence, the UFC fighter already gave up his license and paid a $10,000 fine. And instead of facing 20 years in jail, Chael Sonnen is expected to receive a two-year probation sentence. Though Mike Roberts is not at par on legal stuff, he assured that fans will not see Sonnen behind bars. But whether he’ll comeback to UFC as a contender, that remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, Chael Sonnen will return inside the Octagon with the full intention of getting the middleweight championship belt.

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Roberts: Pretty Good Chance Smith is Moving to Welterweight

Written on August 14, 2010 by Clive Wilson

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Mike Robert says of his Strikeforce's middleweight ward, Scott Smith: He is most likely to bid 185 goodbye soon.

The Monday edition of The MMA Hour revealed that Smith is giving a drop-down to welterweight a good chance. Although the “Hands of Steel” has fought as a light heavyweight before, he has never come on to the cage as a welterweight. But Roberts is seriously considering the matter as well:

“The funny thing is that we were in San Diego for the Mark Munoz and James Irvin’s fight, and he was walking around at at around 189 pounds right now. And that’s not really super working out hard or nothing. So I believe there’s a pretty good chance he’ll be down at 170 for his next fight.”

Smith’s record went 5-3 with one contest following his release from the UFC. His most popular win to date was his “come-from-behind victory” over Cung Le. But his latest loss was also suffered from Le in a rematch staged by Strikeforce.

Welterweight is considered to be Strikeforce’s weakest, and its champion Nick Diaz has not been paired up with as many good contenders yet.

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