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Mei Yamaguchi Wins in Pancrase’s First Women’s Main Event

Written on April 04, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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After 17 years of making history in MMA, Pancrase set its first women's main event with a young winner.

MMA’s second oldest promotion, Pancrase, created a new trail in the sport’s history, as they held their inaugural women’s main event after 17 years. The bout was green lit with MMA’s best young stars, Mei Yamaguchi and Tomomi Sunaba.

Both fighters had a lot of pressure to perform in the first women’s main event under the Pancrase banner. Good thing, they exceeded expectations and put on a thrilling fight-of-the-night tournament.

But at the end of it all, someone’s got to win. And Mei Yamaguchi defeated Tomomi Sunaba by majority decision.

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