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Mayhem Miller: Coaching at TUF 14 is Top Priority

Written on September 15, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Mayhem Miller promises no "Bully Beatdown" antics at the TUF 14, but it will not be an "all work and no play" season either.

It goes without saying that Jayson “Mayhem” Miller is a high-energy personality who is capable of capturing an audience the moment he peeks his head out of the backstage — or the moment he appears on your TV screen at MTV’s “Bully Beatdown.” However, he insists that his priority as a coach on the soon-to-debut The Ultimate Fighter season 14 is fulfilling his duties.

While Mayhem Miller admits that it will not be all work and no play, he knew that coaching opposite Michael Bisping has a potential to stir the spot. But despite hoping for a successful TUF 14 run, both of them cleared out that they did not ham it up for the cameras. And since tension between the two of them seems inevitable, Jayson “Mayhem” Miller believes that the real draw to the TUF 14 is the quality of the fights.

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Bully Beatdown Returns for its Third Season with Jason “Mayhem” Miller

Written on November 07, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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If you are bullied in your town, grab your phone and call MMA fighter Mayhem Miller and he'll beat your enemies down. This is the concept of the reality show from MTV called the Bully Beatdown. The new season premieres tonight.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Strikeforce and DREAM fighter, returns on the MTV scene for the third season of his show ‘Bully Beatdown’ on MTV tonight. The show debited in 2009 and become a hit since then.

It shows bully victims enacting revenge on their tormentors with the help of MMA fighters. It airs on MTV at 11 pm during Thursdays. Producers promised changes this season which includes longer rounds, smaller headgears and female bullies. A bully victims contacts Miller for help. Then, the MMA fighter faces the bully inside the octagon. If the bully survives the round of kickboxing and grappling, bully wins cash prizes.

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