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Silva Sets His 12th UFC Victory

Written on August 09, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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The match most anticipated by the UFC fans came to its ends, with Silva still the title holder. But Sonnen definitely made himself the star of the night with his persistent punches to get the the belt. In way or another, he is the best even if Silva is the champion. Nevertheless, Anderson Silva is the only record-holder of a 12 straight victory since 2006.

Only 110 seconds is left for Silva to surrender his title to Sonnen, but the champ managed to pull off one of his stunning end moves in the UFC 117 main event at the Oracle Arena. After four rounds of pounding from Chael Sonnen, a well-beaten Anderson Silva caged the trash-talker in a triangle choke. Sonnen made the tap at 3:10 on the fifth round, but denied his submission to referee Josh Rosenthal.

Sonnen extremely beats Silva on each round, apparently bringing Rosenthal on the verge of stopping the match. On the fifth round, Silva came out aggressively to end the fight but his opponent took him down again. After a couple of blows received from Sonnen, Silva slipped on the triangle. It’s obvious that one of Sonnen’s biggest problems is the submission defense. However, he made himself a superstar with his trash-talking and brave performance.

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