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Medical Suspension for UFC 120 Fighters

Written on October 20, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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UFC 120 is indeed a good fight, but not all winners went home okay. So for medical purposes, UFC suspended 20 fighters from the event. Check out the who's who below.

The Ultimate Fighting Championships issued medical suspensions to the 20 UFC 120 fighters for precautionary measures. As with most overseas shows, the UFC acted as its own regulatory body since no hosting athletic commission was available. The regulatory body was headed by UFC Vice President of Regulatory and Government Affairs, Marc Ratner.

Both Mike Pyle and Cheick Kongo will face a 180-day suspension due to a right hand injury. However, a clear X-ray result will lift their sanction. Travis Browne is suspended for 180 days due to a left hand injury. But he can be cleared early if an X-ray detects no problem with his thumb. All three of them, though cleared, will still undergo a mandatory 30-day suspension for precautionary reasons. Rob Broughton will also face a 180-day suspension due to possible shoulder and chest injuries. He need to have an X-ray examination and MRI to be cleared early. Still, his mandatory suspension will run for 45 days.

Other suspensions, all for preventive measures, are posted after the skip.

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MMA Fights in Ontario Come 2011

Written on August 16, 2010 by Zac Efren

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Ontario government changed their minds to lift the ban against MMA fights.

The mixed martial arts fans from the province of Ontario have to wait only some more months for MMA to arrive in their place. Just last Saturday, the government passed a ruling to allow MMA events to be sanctioned in Ontario starting next year.

According to Minister of Consumer Services Sophia Aggelonitis, “our government has been monitoring MMA for some time. We know that the sport has evolved and that Ontarians want to see it here. My goal is to make sure we have the tools to keep the competitors safe, and provide an economic boost to communities that want to host professional MMA events.”

This move comes in a positive note since many MMA organizations have the desire to fight in Ontario. In tine that the sport comes to Ontario, it shall use the same rules used in North America and around the globe.

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