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LeBanner Walks Off During K1 Fight with Kyotaro

Written on October 04, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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"I left when the judges said it was a draw. No, It was not a draw. I had one more point. It was not fair. They wanted something more, it was not fair. It was not fair." - Jerome LeBanner

K1 legend Jerome LeBanner fought a sanguinary three-round battle against Kyotaro, then walked out of the ring and refused to fight a fourth overtime round after the judges called the whole match a draw. As a result, Kyotaro was ruled as the winner of the match by default and will advance to the K1-Max Final 8 in December.

LeBanner’s actions marred what had been a great fight, just because he thought that he deserves to win. Albeit LeBanner clearly won the second round, he apparently lost the third round and the first was close enough to call it a draw. Hence, the judges’ decision to call it even steven through three rounds en route to an overtime was completely acceptable. One can only tell what LeBanner was thinking then, but what he did was definitely unacceptable to end a terrific bout.

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