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Nick Diaz Will Focus on MMA Career

Written on May 24, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Despite much bluster and multiple rumored opponents, it seems that Strikeforce welterweight champion - Nick Diaz - will not be returning to the boxing ring anytime soon.

Following rumors of upcoming boxing bouts and opponents, Strikeforce welterweight champion – Nick Diaz – appears to be not returning to boxing any time soon. His boxing promoter, Don Chargin, issued a press release yesterday, noting that the MMA fighter is intent of focusing on his current combat sports profession.

“Right now, he has an opportunity of a lifetime as it pertains to his MMA career. While I don’t doubt that Nick and his team were serious about taking the big step into boxing, it only makes sense for him to finish what he started and see how far he can go in MMA before he does anything in boxing.”

Nick Diaz’s trainer and manager, Cesar Gracie, also added that recent rumors about boxing matches versus Jeff Lacy and Fernando Vargas are just mere promotional stunts. And while many fight fans believe that the Strikeforce champ can fight against Georges St-Pierre, UFC President – Dana White – stated that there are still a lot of hurdles to deal with before the title unification bout takes place. Dana White reportedly met with Nick Diaz in Las Vegas last week, sparking the welterweight superfight speculations even more.

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Nick Diaz Boxing Match, Still no Assurance for Jeff Lacy

Written on May 13, 2011 by Alvin Guerro

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“I’ve been hearing for years about MMA taking over boxing. We’ll see about that in the ring with Diaz and me.” --- Jeff Lacy, former middleweight boxing champion

Jeff Lacy, a former middleweight boxing champion, is doubting if his bout with Nick Diaz is still possible. The California native, Nick Diaz, is said to fight UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre, making Jeff Lacy’s chance to fight the Strikeforce welterweight champ impossible.

He stated in a press release on Thursday that he already agreed to the bout with Diaz, but he heard through rumors that the latter is not serious in fighting him. He added that Nick Diaz’s “so-called heavy hands can’t back up his big talk.” Jeff Lacy is calling out Nick Diaz without hesitation, although there is still no assurance that the MMA fighter would still match-up against him. He mentioned that Nick Diaz is the one who started the scenario and he has just responded to his challenge. Therefore, a bout between them must be done.

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Nick Diaz Reworks Contract in Strikeforce

Written on April 15, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Nick Diaz is not leaving MMA. But until he finds a worthy opponent, he might face Jeff Lacy in a boxing match.

Though Strikeforce welterweight champ – NIck Diaz – is not retiring in MMA, he sees a bleak future in his division. That said, his camp is angling for opportunities outside the sport in case no one within are interesting. In fact, Nick Diaz’s coach – Cesar Gracie – is working to book the fighter in a boxing match against Jeff Lacy. And it could be feasible since Nick Diaz has reworked his MMA contract.

What do you think should be Nick Diaz’s next challenge?

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