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TUF 13 Episode 7 Recap

Written on May 12, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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It was wildcard night at this week's TUF 13 episode. Check out who between Chuck O'Neil and Javier Torres made it for the win.

Last night’s episode reminds the audience of this season’s wildcard fight between Team Lesnar’s Chuck O’Neil and Team Dos Santos’ Javier Torres. However, this selection continues to bug Len Bentley of Team Lesnar and opted to confront UFC President, Dana White. Surprisingly, the fighter campaigns for a fight against Ryan McGillivray on the undercard of TUF 13’s live finale. Visibly confused, Dana White stresses to Len Bentley why he didn’t get the wild card pick, saying that the fighter doesn’t seem ready to fight. This made the Len Bentley even more bothered, as he thought that his past fight spoke for itself. Back at the house, he voices his complaints to anyone who will listen, and all of them are starting to grow tired of it. Ryan McGillivray then told him that according to Junior Dos Santos, Brock Lesnar felt that Len Bentley wasn’t ready to fight.

At the Team Dos Santos training session, the coach and his team are focused on getting Javier Torres ready for his fight. While at the Team Lesnar session, Len Bentley arrives at the gym and eventually asked his coach why he didn’t make it to the wildcard. As a reply, Brock Lesnar pointed out the fighter’s injured knee and emphasized that they needed healthy fighters. Len Bentley simply shrugs and went back to training. The focus then turns to Chuck O’Neil, who puzzles his coach and looks like he doesn’t even want to fight.

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TUF 13 Episode 2 Recap

Written on April 07, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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In this week's episode of TUF 13, Team Dos Santos' Javier Torres takes on Team Lesnar's Chris Cope. Whose score will improve this time?

In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter season 13, Junior Dos Santos immediately launches into an intense workout. Unfortunately, his member – Keon Caldwell – struggles to keep up, making a dash to the bathroom to vomit. The fighter admitted that being away from his family is tough, and the workouts are not helping. On the other side of the fence, Brock Lesnar drills his team members with a skill that many of his fighters lack — wrestling. More over, Team Lesnar’s Charlie Radar knows how imperative it is for their team to win this time.

The next day, Keon Caldwell informs Junior Dos Santos that he’s going home. Although in disbelief, the coach and the UFC President – Dana White – encouraged him to stick around. Then everything went back to normal. Following that, both teams met at the training center to announce the next fight: Team Dos Santos’ Javier Torres vs Team Lesnar’s Chris Cope. That said, Brock Lesnar understands that Junior Dos Santos is putting its team’s cream of the crop against his weaker fighters. The former then sits down with his troops and discusses their first loss, hoping that the tale will serve as an inspiration for the underdog team member.

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