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Fedor Emelianenko is Out of Heavyweight’s Top 10 Fighters

Written on February 17, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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After Antonio Silva stepped his big foot on the Fedor Emelianenko's career, MMA's top 10 heavyweight ranking has been revamped. See where these two fighters stand now.

After Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Grand Prix, rankings of MMA’s top 10 heavyweight fighters has been revamped. And based on’s ranking, this month’s biggest mover is Antonio Silva. Fedor Emelianenko, on the other hand, is no longer on the list.

Back in 2005, Antonio Silva was tapped as the fighter that has the tools and size that can defeat Fedor Emelianenko. And on February 12 of this year, the former proved the people right. Antonio Siva’s stock went over the roof as he dismantled the Russian Emperor in Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Grand Prix. Now, his star is on the rise, while Fedor Emelianenko is on the verge of fading away.

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