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Nick Diaz, Rebooked to Meet BJ Penn at UFC 137

Written on September 09, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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This is a shocker! Nick Diaz is now back the UFC 137 lineup, and is set to meet BJ Penn on October 29.

Shortly after he booted Nick Diaz out of UFC 137, UFC President – Dana White – tweeted that the fighter is now back in the lineup and is set to face BJ Penn.

Nick Diaz lost the chance to meet Georges St-Pierre after missing two press conferences in Toronto and Las Vegas consecutively. In the Last Vegas press con, the UFC president announced that the former Strikeforce welterweight champion was no longer part of the card. Dana White also added that Carlos Condit will now be the next UFC welterweight title contender.

After encountering a bit of hurricane in the last 48 hours, it seems that UFC 137: GSP vs Condit is now in full steam.

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Nick Diaz Out; Carlos Condit, New Welterweight Contender

Written on September 08, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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After not showing on Last Wednesday's press con in Las Vegas, UFC President - Dana White - scrapped Nick Diaz in his UFC 137 bout with GSP.

Carlos Condit has replaced Nick Diaz, and will now face welterweight champion – Georges St-Pierre – at next month’s UFC 137. At a press conference in Las Vegas last Wednesday, UFC President – Dana White – announced the news and cited difficulties in getting Nick Diaz to show up for scheduled media events.

Carlos Condit was supposed to meet BJ Penn in a UFC 137 co-main event. But due to changes in the fight card, their supposed match was scrapped from the tournament. The UFC President cleared out that he will talk to BJ Penn about a possible next fight.

Moreover, Dana White expressed his disappointment with Nick Diaz, who no-showed in last Tuesday’s press con in Toronto. The fighter, for an opportunity to fight against GSP, left Strikeforce and vacated his welterweight title to re-sign with UFC.

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