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GSP-Silva Superfight, Not Likely to Happen?

Written on March 07, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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With GSP not having a successor at the welterweight division, will the GSP-Silva superfight ever happen?

Major doubts are emerging as to whether the highly anticipated GSP-Silva superfight will take place later this year. Anderson Silva and George St-Pierre are expected to put on the much awaited superfight in the UFC history. That is if they were able to get pass through their respective title defenses. Fortunately, Anderson Silva was successful with his title defense against Vitor Belfort last UFC 126, which leaves GSP to follow suit versus Jake Shields at UFC 129.

However, there are doubts that began to emerge after the uninspiring UFC 127 match between BJ Penn and Jon Fitch which ended to a draw. GSP explained in his previous interviews that once he steps up to middleweight, he will stay there. But the BJ Penn vs Jon Fitch fight left the welterweight champion no obvious successor. Now, George St-Pierre himself is casting doubt for the first time over a future tourney contra Anderson Silva.

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