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Google Receives a Notification from Zuffa

Written on November 19, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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Many companies are becoming victims of copyright infringement, and Zuffa LLC is not an exemption. Most violators are coming from the Internet, thus the company is hampering further damage by notifying Google.

It seems like UFC and its mother company, Zuffa LLC, will have endless war against piracy and copyright infringement. Recently, the Zuffa LLC sends a notification to Google, asking the search-engine giant to take immediate action to stop the infringing sites. As stated in the letter, the Google search results shows a list of sites that violates the copyright of Zuffa LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates’ intellectual property. The links identified in the notification are specific examples of Google search results connected to images, artworks, video files and websites that breaches the company’s intellectual property. Thus, Zuffa LLC demands Google to remove and disable the links that show unauthorized copies of works owned by the company.

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