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Expected Matches After UFC 127

Written on March 05, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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With UFC 127 already over, people are now making their own match-ups. What matches would fans want to see after UFC 127?

With the tactical 15-minute match between BJ Penn and Jon Fitch at UFC 127 ending in a majority draw, the result left more questions than answers. And both fighters still have a vague path before them. Jon Fitch, who aims to have a rematch against George St-Pierre, may still find himself on the outside looking in. But BJ Penn has even more uncertainty around him. He lost two consecutive fights, and his draw against Jon Fitch has prolonged the drought.

What lies ahead for the both of them? That is a mystery yet to be unfold. For the mean time, check out five matches that fans would like to see after UFC 127 by hitting the cut.

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