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BAMMA Expanding to International Market in 2012

Written on August 25, 2011 by Lulu

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BAMMA is planning to expand their events to the international market next year.

BAMMA, a British based mixed martial arts promotion, appears to be on works to gather momentum and a very busy schedule in 2012. The said promotion already have six domestic events lined up in England, but they’re still hoping to expand horizons and add four more international shows to the lineup.

Several sources claimed that Dublin is looking increasingly likely as the first expansion show, along with an additional European show to follow, as well as two shows in North America. While the specific locations for the said lineup of events are not yet announced, it is clear that the Eastern seaboard is a prime target, most notably the New Jersey area. There is also the possibility of expanding it to Canada.

BAMMA or the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts, despite the expansion plans and a rumored U.S. cable TV deal in the works with unannounced partner, got its sights set outside of its domestic catchment. Latest signings of U.S. fighters like Frank Trigg, Nate Marquardt and Joey Villasenor appears to bolster the promotion’s prospects for taking its product to the international market.

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