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Joe Stevenson: Fueled by Hatred on His Match Against Javier Vazquez

Written on June 21, 2011 by Lulu

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As the UFC on Versus 4 comes near, Javier Vazquez already started his match against Joe Stevenson at a UFC messageboard.

Known as one of the “good guys” in MMA, Joe “Daddy” Stevenson is a polite and upbeat athlete that is devoted to his four sons. But his fighting attitude might change on the upcoming UFC on Versus 4, as he faces Javier Vasquez.

On a MMA messageboard, Javier Vazquez’s relative started a contest that aims to find the most humorous edited photo of Joe Stevenson. Some of the photos are far more offensive to the side of Daddy, and worries that his sons might accidentally find it in the internet. That cause Joe Stevenson’s anger to grow far more that Javier Vazquez could imagine. The former has a three-fight losing streak that might put him to the verge of losing his job. That reason makes Joe Stevenson eager to win his upcoming match against Javier Vazquez.

Still just 29 years old, Joe Stevenson believes that he still have several good years ahead. Even if his opponent – Javier Vazquez – is known as one of the top submission artists in the division, he will not be afraid to engage his contender anywhere — even on the mat.

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