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Condit Knocks Out Hardy

Written on October 18, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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“I feel great. Was awesome to fight for fans here, even though they’re booing me. Dan Hardy is a great competitor. Hats off to him -- great respect. I feel comfortable on my feet, and if the thing had gone to ground, I would have done well there, too.” - Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit delivered a career-defining performance in the co-main event of UFC 120, as he knocked out Dan Hardy in the first round of their welterweight clash. Early on, the crowd were already chanting Hardy’s name. The fighters exchanged hard leg kicks, and both men remained standing as the round goes on. Hardy tried to hit Carlos Condit with his counter left hook, but caught a colossal left from his opponent instead. Condit rattled the heavy-handed fighter with his simultaneous left hooks, then Dan Hardy semi-consciously hit the floor at 4:27.

“I was worried about his left hand. I know he’s got a lot of power. I trained quite a bit for [his left hook], and there you have [the results].”

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Dan Hardy, Training Hard for Condit

Written on October 12, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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The Outlaw is deemed to make a difference in his upcoming UFC 120 match with Carlos Condit. Dan Hardy is more than a brawler now, thanks to his secret weapon and new-found fighting style.

Carlos Condit will step on the UK ground as he square off against Dan Hardy at UFC 120. But is seems like Condit will be in for a surprise.

The ever entertaining Dan Hardy is hiding a secret weapon to help him get back to the welterweight title road. After his defeat against George St-Pierre last March, Hardy dedicated the past seven months in improving his ground skills. It is no brainer that Carlos Condit has the ability to turn things into a ground fight. Therefore, Dan Hardy is working close to Dean Amasinger to enhance his take-down defense.

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