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Chris Lytle Remains Humble and Focused

Written on March 02, 2011 by John Paul Vill

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"He'll never use that stuff as an excuse, and the reason he tried to keep this quiet is because he wants to make sure that Ebersole gets all the credit in the world for his win, and for livening up the fight," ---Ken Pavia, Chris Lytle's Manager

Chris Lytle might not admit it but his loss to Brian Ebersole last UFC 127 looked as if he was not giving his full strength. Four weeks before the fight, he had injured meniscus in his right knee removed. This maybe the reason why he didn’t have a chance to fight on a full bar on last Saturday’s event.

The procedure was kept unpublicized because he didn’t want to devalue Ebersole’s win. Despite the risk, Lytle chose to fight and true enough he lost via unanimous decision to Ebersole which ended up his four-fight win streak. This might also put a last blow on his MMA career.

“He’s considering his options, and retirement is one of them,” said Lytle’s manager Ken Pavia.

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