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Dana White’s Take on Chel Sonnen’s Talk

Written on August 07, 2010 by Clive Wilson

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People who took interest in Chel Sonnen's talks have dubbed the upcoming Saturday fight as the Chel Sonnen Show. In an interview with Fanhouse, Dana White expressed his views about the controversial fighter's barrage of predictions and insults toward his opponent, Anderson Silva.

Dana White spoke with Esther Lin after the pre-fight press-con of August 7’s UFC 117. Lin noted that the show did not need any additional promotions because of the attention that Chel Sonnen’s predictive one liners were getting. White agreed that this was helping, in a sense, in the fight’s promotions. “But at the end of the day,” he said, “it is [going to be] all about the fight.”

Despite the fact that Sonnen had been doing this in the last couple of fights, White’s reactions were: “How do you handle a person who says things you wouldn’t even think of. How do you deal with that?”

To White’s observations, the thing with Sonnen was that he believed everything he said. Fighters can talk all they want but it is the fight that counts. So Sonnen could not be all talk, according to the UFC president. White even remarked about the fighter’s ability to pose serious threat to Silva. And he looked like he was hoping to see both Sonnen and Silva perform comes Saturday night.

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