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MMA Training: Tempo Intervals

Written on July 17, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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This week on MMA Technique, Fighting Insider talks about Charlie Francis' popular Tempo Intervals.

The Tempo Intervals is a relatively low intensity interval popularized by sprint coach, Charlie Francis. A mixture of LSD and HIIT, they are not done in high intensity, but they aren’t done in continuous slow speeds either. Charlie Francis originally used the Tempo Intervals in his sprint training as a form of active recovery, and to build up aerobic fitness.

For active recovery, you can start by doing tempo runs the way Charlie Francis popularized it. A 12-15 second run, using 70-75% speed and about 60 seconds of rest in-between repetitions. These intervals are a good form of active recovery, as it activates the body’s aerobic and adaptive mechanisms with a minimum of residual fatigue. As a result, active recovery improves while performing at a low to moderate volumes.

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