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Alan Belcher is Out of UFN 22

Written on August 03, 2010 by Clive Wilson

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Even before his training ended, Alan Belcher has lost sight of the fight, literally. The fighter has to exit the UFC Fight Night 22 where he is pitted against Demian Maia to have his eyes treated.

Belcher suffered from a detached retina while he was training in Brazil prior to his September 15 UFN brawl in Austin, Texas. His right-eye vision was dimming and he was advised to return to the U.S. to have him treated by specialists. Although it impeded the fight that he and his competitor have been ramping up for, Belcher is fast to gain back his confidence after undergoing surgery to reattach his retina and restore his vision. He even posted this on his Twitter:

“Sorry to my trainers. Sorry to UFC and Demian Maia. I know he has been training specifically for me. Sorry to my fans as well. As long as I get released from doctor, I will try to make UFN 22 to see my fans and watch the fights.”

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