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UFC Amazon, Set for 2012 Brazilian Return

Written on August 24, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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With UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro fast approaching, UFC has slated its next Brazilian trip in Manaus next year.

With UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro yet to come, the promotion has set its eyes on its next Brazilian trip. Zuffa CEO, Lorenzo Fertitta, announced last Tuesday that UFC is targeting the Amazonas state capital – Manaus – for a 2012 show. The event is expected to go down at the Convention Center of Manaus which has the capacity to hold 100,000 spectators.

As Lorenzo Fertitta said in a press conference:

“The opportunity to bring the UFC to Manaus and to the home of some of our great fighters makes us so excited. Our expectation is that Manaus will set a new attendance record, with 100,000 people watching the show.”

In case the venue indeed sells out, then UFC 129’s live attendance record of 55,000 people at Roger’s Center in Toronto will be shattered.

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