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Vitor Belfort expects middleweight title shot if he defeats Hendo at UFN 32

Written on November 08, 2013 by Hector

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The Phenom eyeing a middleweight title shot if he gets past Dan Henderson in their rematch at UFC Fight Night 32

Multidivisional contender , whose just days away from a rematch with is already visualizing his future should he win in their headline bout at . The Phenom believes that a win over the heavy handed Henderson will earn him a shot at the middleweight belt despite the fight happening at 205. However, a loss to Henderson, a man known for his fight ending right hand will put Vitor back in the line of 185 contenders that includes the likes of and the reinvigorated . Belfort states that while he is very much aware of the consequences, the reward is worth all the risk.

“You’re remembered for your last fight, so some people are afraid of taking a risk,” Belfort said. “Everything is a risk in life. We have to go out and risk in order to win.”

has earlier promised the 36 year old Brazilian a title shot should he win on Saturday night. He will get the winner of the rematch between middleweight champ and , a man who registered a highlight reel knock out over Belfort in their middleweight title fight in 2011.

That being said, Belfort will have another obstacle for his campaign towards title contention aside from Dan Henderson. He is one of the few UFC fighters (including Henderson) that were allowed to take testosterone replacement therapy, a procedure that can be easily abused if not monitored properly. Through the past years, several fighters are suspended for high levels of testosterone, with being the latest man to be sidelined for abusing the aforementioned process. Belfort so far is having no problems getting consent fighting in Brazil. However, Las Vegas, the usual host of the promotion’s biggest fights is a little stricter on implementing exemptions towards fighters that are on TRT. The Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer has previously stated that he is not sure if they will give Belfort the same benefits that he is enjoying in his home country.

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