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Jose Aldo seeks legacy, wants a superfight with Pettis at 155

Written on October 23, 2013 by Hector

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Jose Aldo wants Anthony Pettis' lightweight belt for a chance of to hold titles in two weight classes

was supposed to drop to 145 to challenge featherweight king but an injury yanked him out of the fight. He later won a title of his own when he submitted in UFC 164. Now, with Pettis as the lightweight champ, Jose Aldo feels that it is his turn to come after Pettis’ belt.

“I want it at lightweight,” states Aldo regarding a potential fight with Pettis. “That’s where his belt resides, so I can steal it. It would be better for me since I already have a belt of my own. My belt is already up on the wall at my home.”

Aldo is the only man to ever hold the 145 title since the addition of the featherweight division in the UFC. So far, he has defended his belt 5 times. He is currently scheduled to face for his 6th title defense at UFC’s annual Super Bowl weekend early next year. That being said, Aldo still expressed his desire to move up in weight for a possible chance of being the third fighter to hold titles in two weight classes.

“I give great importance to superfights,” Aldo said. “Once you are a champion, you are a small part of history, but to win in other weight classes, that’s very rare, like and . That will always be remembered in the history of the UFC and of MMA itself. When people talk about MMA legends, those two names are brought up because they succeeded in more than one weight class. Whoever wants to be the best, and be recorded in history, it’s necessary to win these superfights.

Aldo, of course will have to wait a little longer for a shot at the lightweight gold. He has a tough assignment in Ricardo Lamas. Like Aldo, Lamas (13-2, 4-0 UFC) is undefeated in the octagon. He holds victories over the likes of  , , and .

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