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Cain Velasquez dismisses the idea of fighting JDS in the near future

Written on October 21, 2013 by Hector

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Junior dos Santos will have to go back in line for another shot at the heavyweight belt

cemented his spot as the greatest heavyweight of our era when he dismantled his rival for the second time in three meetings. Velasquez, now up with two wins, has not closed his doors to a JDS fight but he does not see it happening in the near future.

“I was just focused on winning,” Velasquez said. “Who’s to say that in five years that we won’t fight again, but for a while, it will be done.”

The rivalry has now ended after two definitive wins for Cain, the champ will now move on into a possible title defense against Brazilian submission ace . On the other hand, the future remains unclear for the former heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos. With the sustained beating that he suffered from his last fight, it would be safe to say that Cigano will need a considerable amount of time to fully recover. Even expressed his dismay towards the officiating of the fight. There are few occasions on which White feels the fight should be stopped.

“I’m no doctor, but I have seen a lot of men who are too tough for their own good and JDS is one of them. He was out and this should be stopped,” wrote White in his Twitter page.

Despite the injuries and Cain’s seemingly dismissal of a future rematch, the infinitely tough Brazilian remains adamant on his chances that he will be fighting for the title again.

“I’m gonna go back home, train harder, come back, and face him again,” says dos Santos.

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