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The Truth stays with UFC

Written on October 18, 2013 by Hector

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Brandon Vera will probably stay with UFC according to Dana White

The UFC has decided to keep despite going 1-4 with 1 No Contest his last six fights. Vera, who was recently stopped by , has been lobbying in the cut list in the latter parts of his career. In fact, several MMA sites have predicted that he will be released from the promotion if he loses to Big Ben, which he eventually did.

Fortunately for Vera, his loss was once again tainted with controversy as his opponent tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. A similar scenario has happened to him more than two years ago when he lost a unanimous decision to . Vera was subsequently released from the UFC but they would later re-sign him when they discovered that Silva submitted a fake urine sample in the post-fight test. As a result, Silva was suspended for a year and the decision was overturned to No Contest.

However, the decision was not altered in the case of Rothwell since Big Ben filed for an exemption for testosterone replacement therapy leading into the fight. The commission that handled the case only gave an administrative warning but the UFC officials decided to suspend Rothwell for 9 months. stated that the promotion is implementing strict rules with regards to testosterone abuse.

“I told you guys, however long ago it was, what our stance on TRT was,” White said. “We have a position on TRT, and anybody, no matter where we are, we’re going to go after guys that are abusing TRT.

“When you’re a professional athlete, this stuff is serious s–t. You’d better know what’s going on with your own f–king body and what’s going in it.”

As it appears, The Truth will keep his job and according to White, Vera will probably stay with UFC since he has not been cut until now.

“I would imagine if he hasn’t been cut yet, he’s probably not getting cut,” says the UFC president.

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