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Nick Diaz remains silent about the potential fight with Michael Bisping

Written on October 18, 2013 by Hector

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Nick Diaz has not yet responded to the rumored fight with Michael Bisping

Talks of ’s octagon return has stemmed earlier this week from an interview with Diaz’ close friend and training partner . El Nino has stated Diaz might come out from retirement once he is offered a fight of his liking. After a few days, noticed the news and decided to join the fray. He wrote in his twitter account that he will be happy to welcome Nick Diaz to the middleweight division.

That being said, UFC President has revealed that Diaz has not yet expressed an intention to return to the cage.

“I love that fight,” White said following today’s pre- media session. “I love that fight. I like it, but everything I hear from Nick Diaz is that he doesn’t want to fight.”

Nick’s habit for announcing to retire after a loss is perhaps the reason why his retirement has not been taken seriously. He did it first after the Condit loss and it earned him his biggest fight to date, a match with GSP. Considering Diaz’ attempts to land a fight against a few months ago, it would be safe to assume that it will be just a matter of time before the Stockton native announces his octagon return.

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