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TUF 18 episode 7: Michael Wootten advances to semifinals with a UD win over Josh Hill

Written on October 17, 2013 by Hector

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Team Rousey and Team Tate are tied with 3 wins a piece after the 7th episode of TUF 18

The seventh episode of features the third quarter finals match in the men’s division. Team Tate’s and Team Rousey’s will battle for the third spot in the semifinals round.

One of the highlight of the episode aside from the match is perhaps Tate’s and her coaching staff’s pranks that involves posting insulting photos of Rousey and her assistant coach Edmond Tarverdyan around the gym. tore down all the photos to prevent additional tensions between the two coaches. However, he forgot to tear one photo and it ended in the hands of . Rousey was fuming mad upon seeing the photos and called Tate a racist for doing such things.

The Fight:

The first round starts with Hill shooting for a takedown, he later landed one when he shifted levels and slammed Wootten to the ground. He took Wootten’s back after the Englishman failed with a guillotine attempt. Hill starts to work for a rear naked choke but Wootten defended well until he managed to escape and return to his feet. Hill continues to apply pressure with Wootten landing few strikes in the clinch. First round goes to Hill.

Wootten started strong in the second round, he dropped Hill with a flying knee a few moments after the bell. Hill, who is visibly rocked by the knee, dives for a single leg but it was Wootten who took him down this time. Wootten pounded on his downed opponent until Hill managed to scramble to his feet. Hill tried a standing guillotine then pulled down to guard to secure the submission. He was unsuccessful in his attempt and was forced to give his back to defend Wootten’s strikes. Hill would later reverse the position towards the end the round but it was too late and the round clearly went to Wooten. The fight goes to the third round with both fighters tied with one round a piece.

The third round starts with Hill missing a spinning back fist. After that, Wooten shoots for a double leg but he failed to take Hill to the mat. Both men traded strikes in the clinch until Wooten finally landed a takedown. However, Hill did not stay there for long as he immediately escaped into his feet. Hill missed another Sonnen-inspired spinning backfist and once again finds himself in the mat. Wooten immediately followed him in the ground and rained punches in his guard. The final bell rang with the Brit in top position. In the end, all judges gave the fight to Wootten with identical scores of 29-28.

Wootten’s victory evens up the competition with three wins for both teams. The fight leaves a pair of male and female fighters so the matches are made by default. The final bout for the woman’s elimination round between Team Rousey’s and Team Tate’s will be featured next week.

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