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Diego Sanchez confident on his chances against Anthony Pettis

Written on October 16, 2013 by Hector

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Diego Sanchez believes he has the right "style" to beat lightweight champion Anthony Pettis

has already set his sights on despite being just days away from facing at . “The Dream” believes that he has the right tools to take away the belt from the current lightweight champ.

“I love the way I match up with Anthony Pettis,” says Sanchez. “We’re a contrast in styles, and I feel my style beats his style.”

Sanchez would be one of the few fighters to call out Pettis after “Showtime” steamrolled the lightweight division en route to winning the belt. The Dream, who has just earned his BJJ blackbelt under Roberto Alencar, states that he can turn the champion’s primary weapon against him once they face each other in the octagon.

“One of my best skills is catching kicks. “If you watch a lot of my fights, nobody really tries to leg kick me, because if they try to kick me I’m really, really good at coming forward, grabbing kicks, catching kicks and turning it into takedowns.”It’s an art that I’ve established throughout my entire career, and when people try to kick me, they’re on one leg. And when you’re on one leg, that’s the easiest time to take someone down.”

That being said, Sanchez admitted that he must deal with Melendez first before talks of a potential title fight with Pettis fight can even begin.

“I get out there and make a huge statement,” Sanchez said. “If I take it to him, and I dominate him in striking, I dominate him in mixed martial arts and I finish this guy that nobody has ever finished, I think it’s a huge statement. It makes a case for a title shot, and it’s going to put me right back to the top.”

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