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Jon Fitch not interested in fighting Palhares

Written on October 14, 2013 by Hector

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Jon Fitch agrees with UFC's decision to release Palhares

has been meeting roadblocks after roadblocks following the controversial submission win over and it does not stop at the $50,000 loss, the release from UFC and the 120 day CABMMA suspension. Bellator, the second largest American based promotion has already stated that they have no intentions of signing Palhares so that leaves WSOF as the remaining large organization who will possibly adopt “Toquinho”.

However, one of the organization’s stars; said that he does not want anything to do with the deadly submission ace. The former UFC welterweight contender pointed out that he will likely turn down the fight if WSOF signs and matches him with Palhares.

“It was a second offense,” says Fitch. “Holding onto a submission too long, especially with a joint lock like that. You’re talking about ending someone’s career potentially. I think it was the right move (to release him). I personally wouldn’t accept a fight with him because of those. One time maybe, but not twice. I would never even compete against him honestly. If he’s got that long of a history of holding onto them too long, his career should probably be done because no one should take a fight with him or a grappling match with him for that matter.

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