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Thiago Silva 2 lbs over the weight limit for the Matt Hamill fight

Written on October 09, 2013 by Hector

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Thiago Silva tipped the scales 2 lbs over the contracted weight limit of the light heavyweight division

Barueri, Brazil again violated the rules of the octagon by failing to make the required weight limit for his fight against . The light heavyweight division has an original limit of 205 lbs but since it is a non-title fight, an allowance of a pound is given to the fighters. Silva however, has weighed 2 lbs north of 206. He is given two hours to shed weight but he was unsuccessful in his attempt. Meanwhile Hamill has tipped the scales at exactly 205.

As a result, Silva will be fined with a quarter of his contracted show money and he will not be included in the post fight bonuses. In his last outing, he knocked out in a fight that received both Fight of the Night and Knockout of the Night honors. He earned a total of $100,000 from the bonuses of that fight. He will surely lose a considerable amount of money if he wins again in the same devastating fashion.

The 30 year old Silva has experienced several roadblocks in the latter part of his career. He has only won once in his last 5 outings. It should have been a 3 – 2 for him but he failed the post-fight tests in two of those bouts resulting in the overturn of the decisions to No Contest. The failed tests also rendered him inactive for the most part of 2012 and 2013; he had only fought 3 times in a span of 31 months.

After the failed weight, Silva will also face another challenge aside from his opponent. He must pass the upcoming post-fight test or he will risk the danger of facing the wrath of UFC president . It is no secret that White is not very forgiving to those who break the rules of the octagon, especially for Thiago who has already done it twice.

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