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Team Rousey evens the score in the fifth episode of The Ultimate Fighter 18

Written on October 03, 2013 by Hector

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Team Rousey's latest win evens up the scores at 2 - 2

The fifth episode of The Ultimate Fighter featured a quarterfinals showdown in the men’s division. It was between Team Rousey’s 2nd pick and Team Tate’s 4th pick replacement . The two were talking to each other in their shared room earlier in the episode and has agreed that there will be no bad blood between them after the fight.

They were later shown in their respective training camps. Fisette pointed out that there is a lot at stake for him coming into the bout and promised to make the most of his second chance. He was defeated by his team mate Chris Holdsworth in the preliminary fight but was later chosen by as replacement for Tim Gorman.

Before the fight, former judo world champion Ann Maria DeMars the mother of paid a visit in her daughters camp. Rousey then explained that she learned everything from her mom. Her fighter, admitted that she understood her coach more after meeting her mother.

The fight was eventually shown afterwards with both fighters tipping the scales under the 136 lbs weight limit.

Round 1 opens up with both fighters dishing out strikes. Grant gets the better of the exchanges and backed up Fisette in the cage with punches. He then landed a takedown and rained punches and elbows on his Canadian opponent. Fisette was bloodied after the bell. Fisette immediately shoot for a takedown early in round two but was unsuccessful in his attempt. Grant stuffed a takedown of his own that ended up in side control. He then took his opponent’s back and secured a tight rear naked choke that forced Fisette to tap out.

Grant’s win was the second straight for Team Rousey, it evens up the score at 2 – 2. Rousey, again is in control of the next match and has chosen her 2nd pick Jessamyn Duke to lock horns with Team Tate’s 3rd pick in the next episode of the series.

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