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Expect a motivated Anderson Silva in his rematch against Chris Weidman

Written on September 30, 2013 by Hector

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Anderson Silva promises to show a "new" Anderson in UFC 168

The world of MMA has been turned upside down in MGM Grand Garden Arena last July 6. The long time UFC middleweight champion and number 1 p4p fighter is knocked out in the second round by . He was caught with a left hook while taunting his opponent. It is also the first knockout loss of Silva’s 16 year career in MMA.

The loss has stirred a lot of negative reactions towards Silva. Some blamed that he underestimated Weidman and that he toyed with Chris too much in the fight. Anderson immediately lost his pound for pound number 1 status after the knockout.

Silva admitted his mistakes but reinstated that he will never change his style. Here’s what the former champ says in a press conference that promotes his rematch against Weidman:

“This is my style.  I’ve been working hard for a long time in the UFC.  I’ve had great fights in here with the same position and the same style.  I don’t change nothing. I committed an error and my error was that I stopped with my feet parallel to each other, which is being fixed right now.  And he took advantage of that position.”

“I love what I do and I’ve always loved what I do.  When I started training, I never imagined that I’d get to the point where I am at today.  I always imagined that I would hopefully be as good as my instructors and be able to teach class.  I never thought that I was going to have the success that I had being the UFC champion. I think God really helps me and teaches you all the time.  I realize that I didn’t appreciate, or I didn’t value what I had.  And I can tell you that now, God works in mysterious ways, and now I realize what I had and I’m going to focus to go back and get what I had.”

A thing that Anderson promised is his new perspective towards the fight. He has also added that his training has been going well and he is very much focused in his upcoming rematch with Chris Weidman at on December 28.

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