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Dana White Says UFC 154 Tickets Are Selling Well

Written on November 07, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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White reveals that UFC 154 has already registered a $3.1 million live gate

President expects 154 to be a hit. He revealed that the upcoming event has already posted a live-gate total of $3.1 million.

White also is positive that event will reach or surpass  the previous UFC shows, that were held in Canada.

“We’re still a week and a half out,” White said during a media call

“I heard rumblings about this gate not doing well and not selling out (the event). We’re at $3.1 million right now.”

“I wouldn’t say the gate sucks. The biggest gate you can do there is $4 million, which is what we did last time with Georges St-Pierre.”

White also admits that the tickets are overpriced. The ticket prices for UFC 154 range from $90 to $625.

“Yeah, maybe we did overprice this one a bit much, but times are tough out there. We’ll see what happens. As we get closer to the event, we’ll see how it goes. But the gate, it’s one of the top gates of the year with $3.1 million.”  White adds.

” is set to take place this November 17 at Montreal’s Bell Centre.

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