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Jose Aldo Figures In Motorcycle Accident, Set to Fight at UFC 153

Written on September 03, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, involved in a minor motorcycle accident, last Saturday

featherweight champion got in an accident last Saturday, when his motorcyle was struck by a vehicle while driving in Copacabana, Brazil.

According to a report by

“Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight champion Jose Aldo Jr suffered a minor motocycle accident this past Saturday.

“The fighter was riding on Copacabana towards his home in Barrio do Flamengo when a Citroen suddenly turned the corner and hit his motorcycle. The motorist stopped to help him and was surprised when the passersby began to ask for autographs.”

His coach Andre Pederneiras, said Aldo only suffered minor injuries and it won’t stop him from competing at , where he is set to defend his title against former lightweight title holder, Frankie Edgar. He only suffered a “few scratches and a swollen foot”.

Pederneiras said in an interview with

“Our only concern is the swollen foot, but there was no fracture. He is gonna rest this week and get back to training next week. He also got some scratches on his knee, leg and butt, but we believe there won’t be a problem.”

Aldo is now prohibited by his coach from riding motorcyles to avoid the risk of another accident.

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